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 The Wall of Global Images at the train station in Odense, august 21-28 2000To the Danish version of this document

The Mexican muralist Gustavo Chávez Pavón is visiting Denmark in order to create a 3 x 12 m mural at the train station in Odense. The process will be organized in the collective spirit of much Mexican artistic creation. The group of assistants will consist of local artists and students from the workshop of Jens Galschiot. Citizens in Odense and passers-by will have the opportunity to monitor the process as it slowly progresses in the course of the week. In addition to this, the process can be viewed through the Internet at:

The Mural "The Wall of Global Images" is grounded in the theme of the Images of the World festival: "The consequences of globalization on the cultures of the world". Are local cultures capable of preserving their particularity and in the same time relating to global cultural expressions? Or is the cultural diversity of the world on its way to being levelled out, ultimately resulting in a state where clothes, food, TV-programmes, taste, ideals, art, religion, and outlooks on life are standardized? Gustavo will take his point of departure in a Mexican’s point of view. Mexico is on one hand deeply rooted in the Indian culture and philosophy of life, and on the other hand under a strong influence from the neighbour to the north, USA.

For more than 10 years Gustavo Chávez Pavón has travelled around his native country and put his characteristic marks on walls, banners and stamps. He links the history of Mexico with current social conditions, which is in the line with the Mexican tradition of e.g. Diego Rivera. In this tradition art is used as the direct means of creating a dialogue with the society from which it springs. Gustavo’s production is rooted in a belief in art’s possibility of influencing and bettering social conditions, and his productions are often organized as collective events that involve the local inhabitants of the places he operates. Gustavo cooperates extensively with the Indian revolutionary movements and has created several large murals at universities in Mexico City in connection to student revolts. Several of Gustavo’s works are created in direct opposition to the government in office.

The event is arranged in cooperation with the Danish artist Jens Galschiot who lives in Odense. Among Galschiot’s most renowned works are e.g. "The Pillar of Shame", which can be understood as the Nobel prize of injustice and "My Inner Beast", which is a sculptural happening placed all over Europe. The works of Galschiot are used as ways to put focus on ethical problems around the world. The chaotic events that often follow them become a part of the artwork and trigger "the theatre of reality".

This is an invitation to the inauguration of the painting on Wednesday August 30 at 3 pm - 6 pm at Gallery Galschiot, Banevaenget 22, 5270 Odense N, where the painting will decorate the outside of the gallery. Gustavo will talk about his extensive production and show some slides. The Mexican band Bola Suriana will demonstrate their unique blend of traditional and new music from Latin America. Jens Galschiot and Images of the World will offer a glass of champagne.

Information can be acquired from:

Jens Galschiot
Banevaenget 22
DK-5270 Odense N

Tel.: (+45) 6618 4058


Or: Peter Oerting, Municipality of Odense, tel. (+45) 6614 8814, extension 4041 or 4031

Information about the Images of the World festival: 

Examples of Gustavo’s prior work can be found at 

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