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Poem by Lise Zacho Maarup

This day
just this day
embraced by
the sun of God
through masks
and stairs like
striving to Heaven
flashes, microphones
and vivid eyes
fighting, singing
cursing for
the rights of
the poor people
to share the sun
of God
flashes and microphones
all these loving eyes
wishing goodnes
help and embracement
kissing away
the tears of powerty
from despearing
dark eyes
with abysses as deep
as oceans’ flight
towards land
towards land embraced
by the sun of God.

Lise Zacho Maarup

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2000: The World Bank/IMF Summit, Prague
Additional Information:
Categories: 2000: The World Bank/IMF Summit, Prague | Happenings and Art Installations
Sculptures: Masks of the Pillar of Shame | Pillar of Shame, Top, No. 1 | The Messenger Jubilee 2000
Type: Documents
Dates: September 2000
Locations: Prague, Czech Republic
Co-operators and Helpers: Bono (U2) | IMF (International Monetary Foundation) | Vaclav Havel | World Bank
Partners: Churches of Prague | Folkekirkens Nødhjælp (Dan-Church-Aid) | Jubilee 2000