Nothing Happened Since Copenhagen

During the social summit in Copenhagen ’95 Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot and his staff carried out the art happening The Silent Death. All over the city we placed 750 figures of dead children and distributed 13,000,000 certificates symbolizing the children dying of hunger and lack of medicine.

Since then more 70 millions of children have died due to the global imbalance.

On the social summit +5 here in Geneva we highlight the lacking determination to solve the problems by exposing some of the ‘children’s bodies’ from Copenhagen on poignant sites of the city. In addition we distribute some of the remaining certificates.

To pinpoint the lack of action we reprint our leaflet from ’95, which is still tragically up-to-date.

We are in Geneva during the social summit. You can contact us in the youth hostel, phone (22) 733 0772 or on mobile phone 0045 2127 325 or 0045 2127 3022.

Our permanent address in Denmark:

Jens Galschiot
Banevaenget 22
DK-5270 Odense N

Tel.: (+45) 6618 4058
Fax: (+45) 6618 4158

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    2000: The Silent Death 5 - at the UN Social Summit, Geneva
    Additional Information:
    Categories: 2000: The Silent Death 5 - at the UN Social Summit, Geneva | Happenings and Art Installations
    Themes: Children´s rights | Debt cancellation | Hunger and malnutrition
    Sculptures: Pillar of Shame, Top, No. 1 | UN Happening
    Type: Flyers
    Dates: June 2000
    Locations: Geneva, Switzerland | Place des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
    Co-operators and Helpers: Krakagården
    Partners: Jubilee 2000
    Related Persons and Entities: UN (United Nations)