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    Additional Information:
    Categories: MIB-IS in Milan | 2002: MIB - Intelligence Service
    Themes: Racism
    Sculptures: My inner Beast - concrete
    Type: Letters from us
    Dates: 1993 | 29th November 1993 | 1994 | 2002 | 21st May 2005
    Locations: Esperanto Garden of Giovanni Conti, Cormano (Milano), Italy | Milan, Italy | municipal magazine Gregorovius, Milan, Italy | Piazza Argentina, Milan, Italy
    Co-operators and Helpers: Adriano Ciccioni | Andreas Dybkjśr | Daniela Benelli, Arts Councillor of the Provincial Government of Milan, 2005 | Ernesto Nobili | Gianfranco Polerani, Milana Esperanta Klubo | Giovanni Conti, Esperanto Garden in Cormano | Niller Madsen | Pierantonio Bertť, President of Triennale di Milano | Roberto Cornelli, Mayor of Cormano (Milano), 2005
    Related Persons and Entities: City Hall of Milan | Mayor of Milan (1993) Marco Formentini | Mayor of Milan (2002) Gabrielle Albertini | Salvatore Carruba, Councillor of Arts, Municipality of Milan | Ufficio Sequestri Comune di Milano