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Odense, the 4th of February 2002

Der Bürgermeister von der Stadt Innsbruck
Dr. Herwig van Staa
Maria-Theresien-Straße 18, 2. Stock, Zi. 158
6021 Innsbruck

Dear Dr. Herwig van Staa,

I am a sculptor from Denmark who is developing the use of sculptures in connection with direct communication in the public space.

In November 1993 I, without preceding warning, erected twenty sculptures (each weighing a ton) on some of the most central places in Europe. In connection with this the mayor of Innsbruck, Mr. Romuald Niescher, received one copy of the sculpture which is a 2,2 meters high dark human-looking sculpture, but with the head of a pig. The name of the sculpture is My Inner Beast and it is a symbolic representation of the inner demon, which in the 30s gave rise to totalitarian regimes and culminated in the nazi barbarity with millions of people as victims.

A copy of this sculpture has just been sold to municipality of Frederikssund in Denmark for the price of 34,000 EUR. As there are many precedent cases seen in history of art, this sale has changed the sculpture from being a happening sculpture into being a rather valuable piece of art.

In connection with the sale I will “take stock” about what happened to the sculpture in these various European cities, it was erected in. This information will be a part of a common report on the project. At the same time a film production company will make a TV documentary about the progress from 1993 to 2002.

Therefore I would be pleased if the Mayor office workers of Innsbruck would organize an investigation of how the progress has been in your city. The film production company would very much like to set up a TV interview with the mayor who received the sculptor and with the municipal officials who have been involved in the course of the sculpture the last 8 years. At the same time I would highly welcome a comment from you, Dr. Herwig van Staa.

The sculpture was a gift to Innsbruck and it is my sincere hope that you still make use of it. If that is not the case and it for example is stored up, I am willing to take it back and arrange the transport to Denmark.

Unfortunately the sculpture is not only relevant because of the recent sale, but also because of the fact that the intolerance, which the sculpture is representing, makes progress in all of Europe. This has contributed to the fact that it now has an even greater symbolic value and also that it has been used as a symbol by the media in Europe at large. My Inner Beast in 1993 was my first happening. Since then I have organized many other, also global, art manifestations as the Pillar of Shame, an 8 meters high sculpture that until now has been erected in Hong Kong, Mexico and Brazil. Therefore comprehensive media coverage can be expected due to the fact that My Inner Beast has now been sold for a small fortune. A major debate has already begun in Denmark.

I also send you some attachments describing the progress as we have registered in connection with the erection in Innsbruck and some TV documentaries on My Inner Beast in 1994. In addition, the video contains a presentation of some of my other projects.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate writing in German. I understand it without difficulties.

Yours sincerely,

Jens Galshiot

List of attachments:
- The video: ”The Beast, The Death and The Shame”
- Relevant letters and articles etc., which describe the progress in Innsbruck.
- The document: ”Mein Innerer Schweinehund”
- Curriculum Vitae

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