On 23 November 2005

The Golden Calf

on the Kouter sq. in Ghent, Belgium

A sculpture of a calf covered with 24-carat gold foil took centre stage in the ´Gold Fever´ event in Ghent in Belgium. The aim was to compel the banks to ethical investments and to provide transparancy. The event was carried out in co-operation with Netwerk Vlaanderen.

KLICK HERE to see indymedia´s video about the event.

On 23 December the sculpture was taken down. The City Hall of Ghent had not found a new site, and the bank KBC didn't want the sculpture any longer in front of their entrance. Anyway, the Calf has presumably done its job, so that the banks' investments in the future will live up to the highest ethical standards.

What will now happen to the Golden Calf??? - It has now been returned to Jens Galschiot´s workshop, where it is waiting for a new intervention. The artist will appreciate any suggestion!

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Categories: 2005: The Golden Calf | Happenings and Art Installations | 2005: International projects
Themes: Arms control | Criticism of companies | Ethical investments | Human rights | NGO activities | Religion
Sculptures: Golden Calf
Type: Overview
Dates: 23rd November 2005
Locations: Kouter sq., Ghent, Belgium
Co-operators and Helpers: Cirque del Mundo | City Council of Ghent | Clown Army | Frank Beke, Mayor of Ghent | Hannah Anbert | Ivago, squat in Ghent | Jeroen Laureyns, art critic | Krakagården | M.O.M. (BE) | Orchestre International de Vetex (BE/FR) | Rey Gaspar Morales Vásquez, Mexico | Sambagroep JNM | Søren Lilliendal Hansen
Partners: Netwerk Vlaanderen, Mathias Bienstman
Related Persons and Entities: AXA | DEXIA | FORTIS | ING | KBC